Focus On Triple Offset Butterfly Valve 

Selection and application of triple offset butterfly valve

Eccentric butterfly valves and other butterfly valves have outstanding advantages and are widely used in all aspects of life and work to meet various requirements.With the continuous development of eccentrically sealed butterfly valve technology, its application space is more and more extensive.

Application of Double Eccentric Sealed Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric sealed butterfly valve is designed with eccentric structure. Its main structure consists of valve body, butterfly plate, seat, stem and driving mechanism. The valve seat is detachable. According to the physical and chemical media characteristics of different media, corresponding corrosion, light and aging resistant materials can be selected. It can be widely used in water supply and drainage, sewage, building, air conditioning, Petroleum and chemical industry.Fluid pipelines such as food, medicine, textile, paper, hydropower, ship, metallurgy, energy system, etc. are used as regulating and closing devices.Double eccentric butterfly valves are usually sealed with tetrafluoroethylene or metal seats to expand their high temperature applications.However, the seal of double-eccentric butterfly valve with metal-sealed seat still belongs to position sealing structure, i.e. the butterfly plate contacts the sealing surface of the seat in line, so it can not withstand high pressure and will inevitably lead to large leakage when applied in high-pressure system. Therefore, double-eccentric butterfly valve with metal-sealed seat should be avoided as far as possible in high pressure or system requiring close cut-off.

Selection and application of triple offset butterfly valve

Application of triple offset butterfly valve

As the crystallization of the latest technology of valves, triple offset  butterfly valves have attracted more and more attention from users and designers because of their advantages and disadvantages.Its maximum pressure level can reach 2500 pounds, and its standard bore can reach 48 inches. It can also be used for clips, lugs, flanges, ring joints, butt welding, jackets, and various structural lengths. Due to the large choice of materials, magic media such as high and low temperatures and various acids and bases can cope with them easily.Especially in large bore, with its advantage of zero leakage, it is constantly replacing the bulky gate and ball valves on shutoff valves. Similarly, it is also replacing the bulky globe valves on control valves with its excellent regulating function.So far, triple offset butterfly valves have been used in various important pipelines in oil and gas exploration, offshore platforms, oil refining, petrochemical industry, inorganic chemical industry, energy generation and other major industrial fields, including China.In practical engineering, triple offset butterfly valve can be used if the working pressure of the system is not less than 1.0 MPa or in important parts which need to be opened frequently.

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