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API Standard Butterfly Valve 12 inch Lug Worm Gear Lock Butterfly Valve - Tkok Valve

API Standard butterfly valve is a 12 inch lug type worm gear butterfly valve with a lock. The following picture shows the triple eccentric structure produced by Tkok Valve. The API Standard butterfly valve, API609 standard, lug type butterfly valve, manual worm gear operation, and butterfly valve with a lock.

The lug butterfly valve produced by our company is a fully solid pressure hole, and there is another type on the market that is hollow in the middle. This greatly reduces the weight of the valve body, thereby saving costs. However, for high pressure, large diameter lug butterfly valves, their installation stability may be affected.

API Standard butterfly valve1

The API Standard butterfly valves produced by our company are strictly manufactured in accordance with the regulations of API609. The relevant standards for this butterfly valve

Design and Manufacturing: API 609

Structure length: API 609

Connecting flange: ASEM B16.5

Inspection and pressure test: API 598

What does a worm gear with a lock mean?

Fix a rotary table and drill holes on the worm gear, and install a perforated iron sheet on the worm gear. When the valve is opened and closed at the specified angle, use a lock to fix the above-mentioned rotary table and iron sheet. This can maintain the opening of the valve for the purpose of regulating flow. And it will not be arbitrarily adjusted by anyone.

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